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iChange Nations™ Selects Donald D. Toldson, Sr. of the USA as (ICN) Modern Day Hero and Commissions

Founding members of the John Maxwell Team, Sue Ashby Caldwell and Dan R. Caldwell presented with the Donald D. Toldson, Sr. Life of Impact Award. Award by Dr. Greg Dillon and Dr. Ruben West at Oakland City University.

If you are not actively pursuing your dreams and goals no one will know what you're capable of.”— Donald D. Toldson, Sr.

USA, February 27, 2023 / -- iChange Nations™ is a Culture of Honor System; the organization is committed to bringing back the lost art of honor by building a culture of honor that recognizes individuals worldwide who have exemplified extraordinary humanitarian efforts to change nations effectively.

iChange Nations™ (ICN) is an international organization based in the United States and present in more than 155 countries around the world and affiliated with several other organizations and chambers of commerce. The organization was founded by Sir. Dr. Clyde Rivers of the USA. According to Dr. Rivers, ICN honors people and organizations that believe every life is valuable and is created to contribute to the world.

iChange Nations™ is the world's largest building culture of honor network known for its Golden Rule Awards. To date, ICN has honored more than 30 heads of state and governments as well as first ladies, social leaders, celebrities, and philanthropists around the world.

Additionally, the organization works with individuals and institutions to advance peace in countries around the world, promote a culture of civility and build capacity in civility-based leadership, diplomacy, governance, and communication. iChange Nations™ is committed to the development and expansion of solution-oriented initiatives brought forth by individuals and organizations.

It is the philosophy of Dr. Clyde Rivers as well as the iChange Nations™ organization, that what gets praised gets practiced. Therefore, it is the practice of iChange Nations™ to draw attention to qualified individuals that are making a positive impact on their fellow man. In doing so iChange Nations™ is bringing back the lost art of honor.

One of the focuses of iChange Nations™ is to create modern-day heroes that serve as examples to be seen, admired, and modeled after. ICN recognizes individuals at all levels of society for their greatness.

In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”

With these profound words, ICN realizes that true greatness is not a matter of position but rather disposition. ICN Modern Day Heroes have consistently demonstrated a service mentality through their actions which are on display for others to see.

“What gets praised gets practiced.”- Dr. Clyde Rivers

The newest ICN Modern Day Heroes is Donald D. Toldson, Sr. Mr. Toldson is an international motivational speaker, 2 times international bestselling author, entrepreneur, and founder/CEO of Speaking 2 Impact and Change. He hosts the weekly online show, "Don't Stop Won't Stop Global Show, and iCan Speak, Write & Lead Youth Training Program.

Donald has a heart for motivating, encouraging, and inspiring others to conquer their fears and discover their inner strength through self-mastery and the utilization of their God-given passions, powers, purposes, and possibilities by courageously sharing their unique voice, their story, and their expertise.

He has stayed on course in becoming a world-renowned motivational speaker, coach, trainer, and author while on his path to a relentless pursuit of implementing positive change in other people's lives as well as the world.

Mr. Donald also engages in continuous training, collaborating, networking, and mentorship programs. He has also published and co-authored several books, appeared as a special guest on several television networks, and has hosted several motivational speaking events.

Donald provides specialized speaking, writing, and leadership training for those who are ready to share their message with the world. Mr. Toldson is a licensed real estate broker associate with more than 15 of experience in the service. He is currently in partnership with ENGEL & VÖLKERS Clermont | Leesburg | Windermere as a Community Ambassador.

Donald D. Toldson, Sr. love’s the community that he serves and has a passion for helping families achieve their piece of the American dream, homeownership. He is in constant pursuit of excellence and has received many awards in real estate for his excellent service to his customers and client.

Donald has a heart for young people. He perfectly understands their importance, significance, and value as our future world leaders. He holds an eight-week training program, where he teaches the young participants the art of chairmanship, public speaking, impromptu speaking, evaluation techniques, and listening skills. He’s often called upon and volunteers his time empowering youth in the central Florida region to include speaking at local church events, R-Y-P (Radical Young People) events, and mentorship programs.

Donald D. Toldson, Sr. has delivered numerous high-energy messages which encourages and inspires many to believe in themselves and their purpose. He also passionately challenges and motivates his audience on how to shake off mediocrity, and trains them on how to live up to their true and full potential. He has learned these deep truths from his own life experience. It is the same experience that he draws inspiration that he applies in helping and teaching others. With his engaging, humorous, and fun personality, he connects with his audiences immediately and delivers content that they can relate to and use to transform their lives.

As 2 times International Best-Selling Author and Co-Author of several books, Donald has authored and co-authored books that are engaging, full of inspiration, motivation, and insightful, and that challenge the readers to look deep within themselves to find inner strength as they face everyday challenges.

Mr. Toldson was the 2022-Present Division E Director, District 84, Toastmasters International, Florida. Donald D. Toldson, Sr. also served as an Airman in the United States Air Force and a Disabled Veteran serving in Operation Desert Storm. He was stationed at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado from 1987-1991.

During his tenure, he received the Air Force Training Ribbon, Air Force Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Ribbon, Air Force Organizational Excellence Award, Air Force Longevity Service Award, Small Arms Expert Rifle Ribbon, Non-Commission Officer Professional Military Education Ribbon, and Army Training Ribbon, all for his service as a 23-year-old Staff Sergeant in Operation Desert Storm/Persian Gulf War.

“If you are not actively pursuing your dreams and goals no one will know what you're capable of.”- Donald D. Toldson, Sr.

As part of the ICN Modern Day Hero program Donald D. Toldson, Sr. underwent an extensive background investigation and also agreed to the stringent iChange Nations™ Morality Agreement.

Donald has quite several other accolades, honors, and achievements under his belt including but not limited to being inducted into the World Book of Greatness 2021, iChange Nations Civility Icon Newcomer of the Year 2021, iChange Nations Community Ambassador Award, and World Civility Presidential Club award. He has also been featured on Atlanta Live!®, Afro-tainment Television®, Gospel Vibes® and numerous other media outlets.

He is the Immediate Past President of Four Corners Toastmasters and the current District 84 Area 50 Director of Toastmasters International.

This new iChange Nations™ Donald D. Toldson, Sr. Life Of Impact Award has a youth, community and global version that will be awarded globally to deserving individuals.

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